Düzey Eye Health Center;

Patient Responsibilities

Recently, the concept of “Patient Responsibility” has emerged in addition to patient rights. The content and scope of this concept has not yet been established properly. However, in general, it can be described as the duties and obligations that the patient has to fulfil before and after applying to a health institution. It is possible to dimension the patient’s responsibilities. We can briefly list the items as follows:

1. General Responsibilities
1.1. Patients should do their best to take care of their health and follow the recommendations for a healthy life.
1.2. Patients may give blood or donate organs if appropriate.
1.3. In simple cases, patients should take care of themselves.

2. Social Security Status
2.1. The patient has to report changes in health, social security and personal information in a timely manner.
2.2. The patient has to get the visa of the health card (Bağ-Kur, Green Card etc.) on time.

3. Informing Healthcare Professionals
3.1. The patient should provide his / her complaints, previous illnesses, whether he / she has received any inpatient treatment or not, if any, the drugs he / she is still using and all his / her health information.

4. Adherence to Hospital Rules
4.1. The patient must comply with the rules and practices of the health institution he / she applies.
4.1. The patient must comply with the referral chain specified by the Ministry of Health and other social security institutions.
4.2. The patient is expected to cooperate with healthcare workers during the treatment, care and rehabilitation process.
4.3. If the patient makes use of a health facility providing appointments, he / she must comply with the date and time of the appointment and report the changes to the related office.
4.4. The patient must respect the rights of hospital staff, other patients and visitors.
4.5. The patient must compensate the damages he / she has caused on the hospital equipment.

5. Adherence to Treatment Advice
5.1. The patient should listen carefully to treatment and medication recommendations and ask where he / she cannot understand clearly.
5.2. If the patient is unable to comply with the recommendations regarding his / her treatment, he / she must inform the healthcare provider.
5.3. The patient should state whether he or she understands the health care and post-discharge care plan as expected.
5.4. The patient is responsible for the consequences of refusing the treatment or not following the recommendations.