Pediatric Eye Examination

Pediatric Eye Examination
Pediatric eye examination is a field that requires a different expertise, since special devices used in the diagnosis of eye diseases are designed with a dimensional ratio for adults. The doctor’s communication with the child, the clinic uses special examination devices for children, the clinical environment is designed as a playground rather than a structure that is scary to children, such as a hospital, and the parents stay away from such statements as “I will take you to the doctor if you don’t do this, in the child eye examination. increase the success.
The eye examination of our children, who are our most valuable assets, can be prevented from visual defects that may occur in later life by eye examination to be performed at least once until the age of two.
Eye diseases that are very important in early diagnosis and treatment of infants can be listed as follows:

  • Optical defects and lazy vision,
  • Congenital cataracts,
  • Tear pathways blockages,
  • Strabismus,
  • Congenital retinal and choroidal diseases,
  • Eye tumors,
  • Congenital glaucoma (congenital glaucoma),
  • Corneal diseases,

Some Symptoms in Children
Children may look away with their eyes squinted, need to watch television constantly closely, and walk and play more or less bumps may be a symptom of visual impairment.
At Duzey Eye Health Centre, the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases in children are carried out by specialist physicians with state of the art equipment.
Eyes can be treated with early diagnosis
In childhood, uncorrected refraction errors result in lazy eye. School success and adaptation to life get limited. Early diagnosis of children’s visual characteristics may allow early correction of eye defects. Early detection of other visual impairments is also possible.

Recommendations for Child Eye Health

  • For hand-eye coordination; He or she should be encouraged to throw and / or play ball with friends or family.
  • Puzzles and similar games should be encouraged to play
  • Any material should be read aloud to ensure that the child can follow.
  • Children should be struggled with chalk and paints on the board.
  • Coloring books – cut and paste works should be provided
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