Cataract Treatment with the
Phaco Method
Katarakt Şikayetiniz İçin Randevu Alın.
Get Rid Of Your Eyeglasses With The
Excimer Laser Operation!
Doğru Tanı ve Tedavi İçin Hemen Randevu Alın.

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Eye Health Recommendations

Don’t Rub Your Eyes!

If you have such a habit, stop immediately. Eye rubbing that appears to be harmless may cause the keratoconus disease.


If you have trouble seeing


You can make an appointment with our specialist physicians.


You can be examined with modern technology.

Pay Attention To Hygiene!

Conjunctivitis, known as eye allergy, is transmitted by the use of common makeup, unclean hands, and common towels.

Our Mission

As Düzey Eye Health Centre, our objectives are to ensure continuous improvement and sustainability in modern diagnosis and treatment with a highly experienced staff of experts and a team consisting of knowledgeable, good-humoured and devoted members, and to offer highest quality health services by prioritising unconditional patient satisfaction in a hygienic and peaceful environment in which our patients would feel themselves safe at every stage of services.

Our Vision

To create difference in science-based and high-quality health services by adopting patient satisfaction as the main principle under the consciousness of social responsibility; use most advanced technologies; establish a knowledgeable, skilful and experienced team; continuously improve ourselves and go beyond all restrictions in improvement; become a preferred workplace by ensuring employee satisfaction; and make a distinguished name in the field by being a reputable and pioneering entity.

Have Regular Eye Examination!

With a routine eye examination, not only eye diseases, but also many diseases from diabetes to high blood pressure can be detected early. Have an eye examination at least once a year.

  • check-mark-1Computerized Eye Examination
  • check-mark-1Biomicroscopic Examination
  • check-mark-1Visual Acuity Examination
  • check-mark-1Examination of Eyelids
  • check-mark-1Examination of Eye Muscles
  • check-mark-1Fundus Oculi Examination

Pay Attention To These Symptoms!

Even if it is temporary, symptoms such as loss of vision, double vision, discoloration in the eye, light flashes in the eye require immediate intervention. If you encounter these symptoms, consult an ophthalmologist without delay.

  • check-mark-1Stinging and burning sensation in the eyes,
  • check-mark-1Itching and foreign substance sensation in the eyes,
  • check-mark-1Sensitivity to wind and smoke in the eyes,
  • check-mark-1Eye strain,
  • check-mark-1All these symptoms can be a precursor to dry eyes.

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