In 2006, Surgeon Mustafa Karakoç founded the Düzey Eye Health Center.


In 2006, our Chairman of the Board, Surgeon Mustafa Karakoç made an initiative in line with his long years of experience in the field of medicine and founded the Düzey Eye Health Center.
Being close to the Avcılar E5 road and near to Atatürk Airport, ring roads and the metrobus line, the center provides ease of transportation for our local and international patients.
The physicians at our center apply the correct diagnosis and treatment methods to our patients by making use of the state of the art technologies, without sacrificing ethical values.
With a service understanding prioritizing human health above all else, physicians specialized in their fields, from our highest level manager to all other employees who put their labor and love in a modern, reliable and patient-satisfaction-based environment; we have always been in the effort of renewing and improving ourselves.
We know that in a very short period of time, we continuously gain strength thanks to our understanding of quality, full-time working, experienced staff and constantly increasing interest of our people. As Düzey Eye Health Center, it is our goal to ensure patient safety and improve service quality.
As employees of our centre, we accept patients and their relatives as members our family, such as our mother, father or child, and welcome everyone who comes with care, love and respect. We always try to make them comfortable.
In our centre, care is given to the delivery of hygienic, reliable and high quality health care services to our patients during the diagnosis and treatment processes.
Our patients are able to receive wide range of eye-related diagnosis, treatment, examination and surgery services at our Centre, without the need of any other institution.
In order to offer our services to a wider audience, our Centre provides services to private insurance institutions, banks and members of the Social Security Institution.

At our centre, besides polyclinics and examination rooms, there is a hepa filter operating room specially designed for eye surgeries.
As Düzey Eye Health Centre, we will continue our way with the awareness of taking the present better than the previous day.